Feel the Freedom. Be Flash

We have a perfect Plan for you, with social networks, calls, and text messages unlimited*!

Freedom 150
for 28 days

1,500 MB to browse

500 MB to Flash Fun

Unlimited Social Networks

Freedom 200
2,000 MB to browse for 30 days

1 GB to Flash Fun

500 MB to Tik Tok

Unlimited Spotify

Be 300
2,500 MB to browse for 30 days

1 GB to Flash Fun

500 MB to Tik Tok

Unlimited Spotify

Be 500
for 30 days

5,000 MB to browse

1 GB to Flash Fun

Unlimited Social Networks

Be total 1000
for 60 days

10,000 MB to browse

1 GB to Flash Fun

Unlimited Social Networks

Freedom 100
for 15 days

1,000 MB to browse

300 MB to Flash Fun

Unlimited Social Networks

Valid until September 30th, 2020.

- Flash in Music mode! -


Do you want more Megas?

Add more megas to your Plan with one of our Data Bundles!

Prices include VAT.


- Do you want more fun?-


Are you going to travel?

With Flash Viajero, stay connected all the time when you travel to Canada and USA!

Only applies for USA and Canada. For limited time


Standard Tariff

If you do not have a plan, our standard tariff will apply.

Remember, with Flash Mobile your top-ups never expire!

Minutes to Mexico, U.S. & Canada $0.012500 per minute
SMS to Mexico, U.S. & Canada $0.75
Megabyte (MB) $0.000732 per KB
For international calls and SMS, check rates here

To see world zones for international calls, please download the PDF here.

All prices include VAT

Our Plans are registered with IFT with the folio IDs below.

If you need to check them on the official IFT site, click here.:

Standard tariff: 196560 Flash Plans: 195423, 196491, 195426, 195427, 195431, 195438

MB Bundles: 195451, 195466, 214651, 195490, 195494, 195529, 195563

Flash Fun Bundles: Flash Fun 30 - 226414, Flash Fun 50 - 226416, Flash Fun 80 - 226418

Spotify 1 GB Bundle - 253091

Flash to the Rescue Promotion: Freedom 100 - 339719, Freedom 150 - 339720, Freedom 200 - 339724, Be 300 - 339731, Be 500 - 339726, BeTotal 1000 - 339738

Top-up 50 Promotion: 340067

By purchasing your SIM Card on our website, all of our Plans will be available for two consecutive months from their activation.

*Buy your Plans and/or Bundles with cash, debit or credit card. All prices include VAT. Subject to the fair use policy. Facebook® does not include videos or live streaming. FB Messenger does not include video calls or VoIP. WhatsApp® includes VoIP calls, videos and location sharing. WhatsApp® does not include video calls. Instagram® does not include the use of content from external links, uploading and downloading photos outside the Instagram® application. Snapchat® does not include the use of external link content, uploading and downloading photos outside the Snapchat® application. None of the applications included in the Unlimited Social Networks bag applies to the transmission or reproduction of live streaming video

Balance transfer between Flash users' policy: In order to transfer any amount to another Flash Mobile user, it is essential that your line has $50 pesos (MXN) in addition to the amount you wish to transfer; otherwise the transfer will be rejected. Your line cannot have less than $50 pesos (MXN) after the transfer


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